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Operating System

We employ FreeBSD which is regarded by some the most reliable and fastest operating system. Its robustness provides solid base for all applications and services that we run on our servers. It's so great even uses it!


We also recognize the need for a better security. Hence, with all the services that we provide, only the owner of an account can access and modify his/her files.

Network Characteristics

Multiple GE/10gigE (1,000/10,000mbps)
  connection to the Internet
Multi-home connectivity to over 6+ diverse
  backbone providers
National and International bandwidth peering
  (NYIIX, LINX, LoNAP, and others.)
Not congested or oversubscribed!

Server Hardware

High-End (Intel) Servers
Dual Xeon 3+Ghz CPU
+8GB ECC RAM (main memory)
RAID 5/6/10 SCSI/SAS Storage System
1000Mbit Network Connection
Redundant Power Supply

Web Server

We chose Apache web server because it's one of the most robust, speedy, and featureful web servers available on today's market. It's also the most widely used throughout the

Other Goodies

Nowadays, website requires much more than a web server. Following add-ons will make your website more interactive than ever: Java Chat Applet which lets your users chat with each other.

MySQL Database
Very light and yet featureful SQL database engine that allows webmaster to create dynamic websites.

FrontPage 97-2002 extensions allows webmasters to use Microsoft FrontPage, one of the most easiest WYSIWYG HTML editors, to create and publish web pages.

PHP is a HTML embedded scripting language that allows webmasters to create complex
database driven dynamic web pages with ease.

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